What do Jens Lehman & The Time Cops sound like?

Rock? R&B? Soul?

More like the sound six guys create after spending their lives listening to heroes come out of their speakers- then taking to their amps to do the same thing.

They sound like a singing Gibson with swinging horns, a hard beat with a groovy bass line.

They sound like the bright chords of an electric piano. The same chords that bounced off apartment walls a thousand times.
They sound like Spring-time in full-stride, teenage misadventures, and redemption under a perfect sky.
In short, they sound like Jens Lehman & the Time Cops.

Basic Information
Artist Name: Jens Lehman & The Time Cops


Musical Style/Genre: Rock and Soul


City of Residence: Lincoln, Nebraska

Band Lineup:

Jens Lehman- Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar

Thai Nguyen- Guitar, Vocals

Luke Morris- Drums

Marc Mason- Bass, Vocals

John Borstelmann- Saxophone, Keyboard

Taylor Cobb- Trumpet


Key Points of Interest

Discography: All That We Could Do EP ( May 2016)

 Singles: Perfect Sky (Soundcloud, Facebook video)

Upcoming Releases: First full length LP

Frequent Venues:


-The Zoo Bar

-Duffy’s Tavern




-Harney St. Tavern

-Down Under Lounge

-Barley St. Tavern


Notable Performances

-Lincoln Exposed 2017

-Nebraska Funk and Soul Alliance 2016

Radio: KZUM

Digital Distribution & Streaming:

iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby

Musical Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Donny Hathaway, Van Morrison


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Jens Lehman & The Time Cops


Press Quotes


“Jens Lehman & The Time Cops played at Bodega’s, offering their poppy take on jazz rock combinations. The six-piece band included trumpet player Taylor Cobb and saxophone player John Borstelmann, solidifying a soulful thread that ran from beginning to end. Overall, the tone of their performance was light-hearted and fun, offering a pleasant set to onlookers.”

-Hear Nebraska


“Lehman has potential to carve out a groovy niche for himself and his talented band in the R&B and newly revitalized funk genres”




“Of all the songwriters I've worked with in the past few years, Jens is truly among the most interesting...I don't typically hear artists who write in the vein of Dilla and Van Morrison, but it starts making sense when you listen to his stuff."

-Hear Nebraska


"A singular piano pop thread runs through All That We Could Do...But it also tends to duck in-and-out of experimentation with that classic sound, touching on funk, jazz and even classic rock.”

-Hear Nebraska


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